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Not just an anger issue, it’s a justice issue

I get some pretty interesting e-mails from this site. Some ask me for more information on Naropa’s programs (already working on a detailed discussion of their programs), some share heartbreaking stories of fraud and abuse from Naropa, and some tell me that I must have something wrong with me for wanting to see justice done. This next e-mail I am about to share comes from someone from that third category. Bob writes,

You have a lot of anger. Let it go and move onwith [sic] your life. This blog cant [sic] be spiritually healthy for you.

And he does have a point. I do have anger. When I see someone being abused, I get angry. When I see some con artist lying to people to make a buck off of people who don’t know better, I first work to inform the people and then to see to it that the con artist is punished. This is what I believe in. It is this thing called empathy and I know that when you go to a “school” where instructors and students would sit around in a circle talking about how a woman seizing in class makes them feel, while the woman is still seizing, your empathy is compromised so I understand that you are shocked by my anger.

The thing is, I could just move on with my life and for the last year, I did just that. I have been in therapy and at my last session on Monday, we talked about my negative attitude and my upset with things and there are some things that I am upset about that I need not be upset about. Naropa University’s continued abuse of students was not one of those things. I have an objective reason to be upset with Naropa and I have to speak out and say that it is not right to abuse people like this. I could move on, but I couldn’t like with myself if I did, which is why despite the legal threats and the whole debacle with my previous site, I still persist in working to hold Naropa accountable for it’s fraud and abuses. Naropa needs to stop abusing people.

As for my “spiritual health”, Naropa was bad for my spiritual health. It made me feel worse, not better, and it’s cheap spirituality comes at a high price, your empathy. Chogyam Trungpa didn’t give a shit about the people he hurt and he justified his anti-social behaviour under the guise of “crazy wisdom”. That is the tradition and legacy of Trungpa, and I believe that a positive way of interacting with that legacy is to educate and inform people. I choose anger over apathy because I care. The better question is why don’t you care, Bob?

UPDATE: The e-mail address Bob provided does not work. Why am I not surprised by this?


3 thoughts on “Not just an anger issue, it’s a justice issue

  1. My friend is struggling to just finish and get OUT of Naropa but is involved is some crazy stuff and getting zero support from the school. All of us are concerned and upset. My GF just graduated from Naropa and regrets the money spent as she can’t find work. It is a mess there and I am glad you are putting a spotlight on the situation. Also, I think Naropa should look into dropping Trungpa’s name just as the University of Denver is doing with Evans being part of the Sand Creek Massacre. Trungpa ruined many lives via sex abuse etc and should be removed from anything to do with the school.


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