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This section of the Boulder Buddhist Scam is designed to enlighten parents about the nature of Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. This page will provide a portal of information for parents of prospective or current Naropa University students so they can help make the right choices to help get their child out of Naropa University in an effective, caring manner. It is very important to not only read the content that I have posted here but also the exit page for parents.

I will make it very clear that Naropa University will lie to your children in order to get as much money as they can out of them. They will not admit the fact that credits earned at Naropa University are highly unlikely to transfer out and that any time spent at Naropa University will be wasted, especially due to the fact that they will not learn necessary information to thrive in their profession.


6 thoughts on “Parents

  1. My experience was that Naropa prepared me in ways other schools could not. And Naropa did not prepare in ways that life and experience taught me. I chose Naropa because I wanted an alternative education and no school can give you everything you need. It is important to realize expectations we have coming in the door, and all institutions are bureaucratic messes. I think that prepares us for real life.

    • Well, Amy, if Naropa is that good – then why don’t they market their strengths instead of lying to prospective students and their parents? Additionally, while it is great that you are a Naropa success story, I meet too many people that wind up working in Whole Foods because their Naropa education did not prepare them well, leaving them (and many times, their parents) with crippling student loan debt.

  2. I wish my daughter would work in whole food after completing her MFA degree in Naropa. Instead she is dead now. I believe it is because of Naropas negligent hiring of a psychopath who brought the death upon my daughter. Tibor Stern on behalf of Sharoni Stern estate.

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