Naropa’s Graduate Psychology Department Has “Invisible lines and expectations you absolutely will cross”


Naropa (Photo credit: flowercat)

Currently, I am sitting on a developing story of widespread psychological abuse in the graduate psychology department at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, but today, I was given the green light to share this quip from the Naropa survivor:

The grad psychology school is a whole different shabang…. total mindfuck, and catch22… with invisible lines and expectations you absolutely will cross, and any questions for more information, trying to explain yourself or heaven forbid, correcting them, is met with anger and threat of dismissal.

This is a truly disturbing account, and it is only the tip of the iceberg with this poor man’s involvement. It should give you pause to enter the graduate psychology programs at Naropa University. I will stay on the story and I hope to get you the story as soon as possible, but I have an obligation of confidentiality to those who share their stories with me and I respect that obligation totally.


Naropa University Admissions… On Yahoo! Answers

Ah, it’s finals week and because of my intensive academic schedule (have to make up for all of the Naropa credits that did not transfer to my new school and would not have transferred to any other school, after all), I have been unable to finish up this website and keep the updates going that people reading this deserve. I have a lot of interesting updates and new inspiration to share with you, but it’s going to have to wait until finals are over and I can kick my feet up to relax a little.

Today, I saw an interesting update about Naropa in my e-mail inbox, Naropa University Admissions is now actively on Yahoo! Answers, trying to lure people into their scam. I received notification that a question was posted by a RN who wants to study contemplative psychology and, being the wolves that they are, Naropa University jumped at the chance for fresh meat. Here is the question and what Naropa University had to say to try to lure this woman into their scam.

Of course, I was there to tell her how it really was, so I made sure to do so.

I am afraid that I haven’t properly answered the question, whether there is another school like Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado – so I will answer that in another post. Either way, Naropa Admissions is now on Yahoo! Answers and I intend to make sure that they do not use this medium to lure in more people to waste their money on a Naropa degree.