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If you are at this page, you have made the decision to leave Naropa University, which is a very good thing. But like all escapes, it needs to be planned and coordinated so that you can get out effectively without interrupting your coursework or life.

How to Leave Naropa University

  1. First of all, remember that it is your RIGHT to leave and other than a confirmation deposit, Naropa University has no right to keep you against your will.
  2. It is important to know what you intend to be doing once you leave Naropa. This will help you formulate an escape plan, apply to real Universities and possibly make some important changes in your life so you can leave.
    • It is very important to know that it is very unlikely for your credits to transfer anywhere else. Most of the work you have done towards a Naropa degree or certificate will be lost due to the virtue that Naropa University does not teach subjects correctly so that other University can honour the courses as equivalencies. If you have transferred out of Naropa, please let me know of the rate of transfer for Naropa courses so I can inform others.
  3. Remember to confirm each and every detail of your escape plan, such as applying to another school or finding a job elsewhere. Also prepare to begin the official withdrawal process as soon as you can, which can happen around the time that registration opens for the next semester’s classes.

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