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Trungpa’s Influence Still Remains: On a Lama Getting Handsy

Recently, I received an e-mail from someone who is preparing to leave Naropa, and she shared this tidbit with me.

The monk harassment… was Lama Tenpa… he touched and came onto a student friend of mine, and then really really came on to me hard in a disgusting way. Since we’re both rather assertive women, we thought – who ELSE is he doing this to? we reported it to Student Affairs….. and you know what happened? He was sat down for a chat, then wrote us letters, that we could pick up in the student affairs office [re-contacting the victim, anyone?!] The letter said that he now understands naropa and american university policy…..he’s still teaching to this day.

Don’t you just love it? Apparently, Lama Grabby is still teaching at Naropa University, despite the fact that the school knows about him getting a bit too hands on with students and him admitting it, claiming that he now understands Naropa policy, which apparently forgives sexual assault. After all, when you remember that Naropa was founded by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a man who knew no boundaries with his followers. After all, when your founder forcibly strips two people at a “seminary party” and marries one of his followers before leaving the monastic order when she was fifteen (he was twenty-nine). Let me make it clear, one of their own publications proudly prints the fact that Chogyam Trungpa was a pædophile who abused his position as a religious leader (though, they don’t use that terminology).

So, who wants to get in on my pool on when the sycophantic alumni are going to start denying that there is anything wrong with Naropa?


2 thoughts on “Trungpa’s Influence Still Remains: On a Lama Getting Handsy

  1. Don Matthews, an associate professor of Religious Studies and lead faculty in Naropa’s Master of Divinity Program is currently being fired for sexual abuse dealing with female students who complained and were ignored til now. Please share any more infos about Lama Tenpa. One fellow student said today that Don should be fired for what he has done but Lama Tenpa is OK since he is not from here… I

  2. It is not Trunpa’s influence alone, it is the Vajrayana Hindu Tantra , a misogynistic sexual occult practice , brought to Tibet and which influences ALL the Tibetan sects, He was just doing what they all do, secretly or openly like him.

    . That is why sexual abuse is rampant and institutionalized in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ because it is based on the Hindu Tantra that is about using female sexual energy for the Lamas , with multiple partners, to obtain realization in their bliss practices. Ten year old , outcast girls are recommended in the Tantras as best. A girl would be given to the Lamas for their ‘higher practices’ and then tossed out’ when the Lamas were done. If it were a female from an ‘aristocratic hillbilly family’ part of the Lamas extended families, she would stay as a Lama’s consort with a more exalted but still inferior , female role, praying to be ‘reborn as a man’ in the next life.

    Naropa is not going to teach that about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ because cults and cult like groups, censor all negative information. about their groups.

    Naropa would be the complete opposite of what is supposed to be a ‘liberal education’ since no inquiry or open debate or alternative views, would be allowed because of its Hindu-Tantra-Lama influences., as anyone who tries to think or speak individualistically or , heaven forbid, criticizes what is happening around them, soon finds out, Here a source that is not in Naropa’s curriculum:


    Sexual abuse was rampant in the monasteries and the little boys, stolen from their families for the monasteries as their labor force, most kept illiterate, became the Lamas servants and often their sexual partners for their ‘thigh sex’ and sexually abused little boys can often become sexually abusive men.


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