Not Just a Student, But in Student Government

So, today, a comment was posted on this blog calling into question whether I was a student at Naropa or not… especially since I am the only author here (though I do post testimonies from others from time to time, as long as they are willing to let me do so). I don’t want to buy into the underlying fallacy that I cannot criticize Naropa because I was not a student (which I would probably retort with “I don’t need to have smoked crack to say that crack is whack”) but I was not only a student at Naropa, I was also a student employee at Naropa and a member of United Naropa, the student government, for the year that I was at Naropa. Here I am at the launch party of the Sycamore, which is a school newspaper that was launched by another member of United Naropa on the second of April 2010:

At the launch party of the Sycamore student newspaper, along with then dean of student affairs, Bob Cillo.

Here’s another photo of that party with a closer shot of me, this time, I’m on the left in the white hat (still):

And if none of that happened to convince you, perhaps this might:

Also, I still have a student e-mail address at Naropa (fancy that, eh?) and it is So, does anyone still think that I wasn’t a student at Naropa?