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Naropa’s Graduate Psychology Department Has “Invisible lines and expectations you absolutely will cross”


Naropa (Photo credit: flowercat)

Currently, I am sitting on a developing story of widespread psychological abuse in the graduate psychology department at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, but today, I was given the green light to share this quip from the Naropa survivor:

The grad psychology school is a whole different shabang…. total mindfuck, and catch22… with invisible lines and expectations you absolutely will cross, and any questions for more information, trying to explain yourself or heaven forbid, correcting them, is met with anger and threat of dismissal.

This is a truly disturbing account, and it is only the tip of the iceberg with this poor man’s involvement. It should give you pause to enter the graduate psychology programs at Naropa University. I will stay on the story and I hope to get you the story as soon as possible, but I have an obligation of confidentiality to those who share their stories with me and I respect that obligation totally.


6 thoughts on “Naropa’s Graduate Psychology Department Has “Invisible lines and expectations you absolutely will cross”

  1. I would like to say, that if you are trying to expose “something” you should be giving all of your examples. Along those same lines if people want you to not tell of their stories I would not be one to rule out that there is a reason why they wish to keep their stories confidential. Maybe it is because they are hurt, but in my understanding when people want things to stop they speak up.

    As well, I think this whole blog is a fallacy because not one of you writers on here (in my present knowledge) ever attended this institution. And if you did you would understand the loving nature with which we are all treated here, the ability for growth and recovery that occurs on a daily basis, and the hub for spirituality and learning that many traditional campuses do not offer.

    This is coming from a transfer student to Naropa, a choice I made and am happy with (as many of my colleagues share). I urge you to step outside your computers and meet with Naropa faculty, and adminstration as they would be happy to meet with you. I urge you to speak only of what you have legitimate experience with, quit slandering a name you’ve only ever heard or read about. Instead slander the name after you have seen Naropa for yourself, truly and fully.

    Tyler Lyman

    • Yes, but I know how Naropa plays psychological warfare against people, which is why I choose to offer people the option to speak to me on the condition of anonymity, should they not want to publicly speak out. I’ve received comments that continue to justify this position, and because of my promise of confidentiality, I won’t reveal these stories but they are disturbing to the nth degree.

      And actually, I was a student at Naropa. I do know how Naropa treats its students, and that’s why I speak out. I speak out against the fraud, the spiritual abuse, the psychological abuse and any other abuses that go on within Naropa and, to a broader extent, the world of Shambhala Buddhism. I was a transfer student to Naropa, but the funny thing is that the credits you are “earning” at Naropa aren’t worth a damn thing at real schools. I’ve met with Naropa faculty, and I also get feedback from staff and faculty at Naropa about the abuses at Naropa. I live in the local community and I run into old friends from Naropa still in the Boulder area. In fact, I ran into the former Assistant (or was it Associate?) Dean of Student Life at Naropa at my therapist’s office. I do speak to what I have experience of, and it’s not slander when it is true.

      Jessica Sideways

  2. There is no free speech in a cult or in a world that is enabling the proliferation of cults and cult-like behaviors.

    There is no free speech in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ or Shambhala Incorporated, which is a ‘high demand’ authoritarian sect of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ with is based on a medieval worship of Lamas and Gurus as divine authorities that cannot be questioned. One is indoctrinated from the first half-prostration made at the Lama retreats and Shambhala retreats . Are there course requirements at Naropa that one must attend Shambhala retreats or ‘meditation retreats’ ?

    You have dared to oppose them, and congratulations, because you are actually exposing that Naropa is and always has been a recruiting cult for Shambhala and for Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ as well, TB is a thousand year old cult of thought control , by atavistic misogynistic priests of the occult Tantra Hindu vajrayana, , that kept its own people mentally enslaved for over a thousand years owning not only all their commonwealth in Tibet, engaging in debt slavery for their people, but working them to the bone , keeping them in a state of semi starvation, without hospitals or a secular education, and the Tibetan people still are burning themselves up for their Kundun ,the Dalai Lama and they have not left the ninth century. .

    I suggest Friendly Feudalism by Michael Parenti ,


    And ‘Behind the Smile: The Hidden Face of the Dalai Lama by Maxime Vivas, 16.00 Amazon.

    Two books I am sure are not on Naropa’s reading list.

    The e Plutocrats and our wealthy .01 , like George Soros, are the new gaggle of aristocrats around the Lamas and their thought control to create quietism and passivity among the masses, and now the Lamas are massively going after young people, who are always awake enought to see injustice and protest it, but if they can be indoctrinated into the cult of Lamamism Hindu Oneness memes and turn inward , eschewing critical reasoning skills in favor of scientism, mysticism and medieval superstitions, and a group conformity then all protest will be nipped in the bud. This plutocracy and a critical mass of academia are duped by this corporate sponsored ‘communitarianism’

    This is a massive inculturation into our society now , of Tibetan Lamaism and Hindu Yoga memes, to dumb down another generation and prepared them for the New Shift, the Global World with a Global new age spirituality that will be the Brave New World , Revisited. Is that in Naropa’s curriculum? Aldous Huxley’s follow up book to Brave New World, where the group will police each other, that is what you are experience in the World of Shambhala , ‘everyone must always be nice’ and if you use independent thinking you will be shunned.” I doubt that that book is on Naropa’s reading list, but I am sure “Doors of Perception” is. Follow the money, who is giving money now to Naropa , what are their corporate connections? All colleges and universities are now being corporatized and privatized to dumb down further a younger generation to eschew critical reasoning skills in favor of ’emotional intelligence’ intuition, scientism and a global world view that will be helpful to destroy democratic principles of free speech, and active citizenship creating a passive work force that has turned inward accepting their austerity as ‘karma’ .

    Congratulations, you must be one of the growing number of young people who can not be duped by your Parent’s generation who were the first to be indoctrinated by the gurus and the holy men, HIndu Yoga and CIA funded Lamas, to turn us into passive citizens that protest nothing and make us all mallable whereby the group, itself, creates the Brave New World of conformity, only ‘nice speech please, and no negativity ever.

    I can only imagine how much they would try and attack you for your independent , critical thinking skills remaining intact , despite the massive indoctrination of feel good, smily faced conformity whereby every one must be on the same page of ‘only nice thoughts please’.


    This is not a movement of real ‘compassion’ it is the poltically correct smiley faced button of group conformity and repression of all free speech posing as compassion.

    The High Lamas also always talk a lot about compassion, these are the ‘precious ones’ that kept their people in a serfdom and slavery state , semi starving while they hoarded all the wealth and lived literally on the backs of their own people.

    The meanest most selfish and arrogant people I have ever known are the ones’ always blathering about compassion, and wouldn’t notice suffering around them if hit them over the head they are so thick and numbed out by all this mumbo jumbo spiritualism now.

    The old Taoist saying, ” The more talk of compassion (put in peace, love harmony etc. ) the further away compassion is. .

  3. wow you guys are crazy. Your posts vague and bland. Its a private school, if you don’t like the way they run it don’t PAY to go there. Geez, your ridiculous. Get over it.

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