Michelle: The Instructor “was at peace with her having seizures”

English: Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

English: Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like I said in my previous post, I get some shocking stories from people, current students, parents of students, alumni and employees, about the abuses of Naropa. I treat every story with the confidence level that the correspondent desires because I am more interested in helping people overcome the abuses of Naropa University than to create compelling content. I will never betray the confidence of anyone who sends me a genuine e-mail. A few weeks ago, I received this e-mail from a parent and I have been sitting on this story until the parent was able to get her daughter out of Naropa. Here is Michelle’s story:

I am a parent of a current, until Friday, student. She has been there exactly 4 weeks. It’s been a nightmare! She transferred from Eastern Virginia Medical School. 18 credits did not. They started her out as an M1 but she transferred as an M3. Already seeing patients in Virginia. My daughter has seizure disorder. For the most part it was controlled however upon arriving in Denver the disorder became worse. We were able to get it under control but not before she had had a seizure in a class where the instructor has 18 students gather in circle around her and while holding hands discuss how this made them feel.

Second series of seizures were the following week but this time the same instructor did not allow her to leave. Her apt. being directly across the road. The second seizure in this series resulted in the instructor telling my daughter it was okay. He was at peace with her having seizures. It took 15 minutes for someone to call an ambulance.

So far this has resulted in violations of the disability act.

Now the disability worker informs her this past Friday of her rights. Missing 5 classes would normally result in failure but depending on the teacher, under this disability program, she may be allowed extra time to catch the work up. Keep In mind she has already had these classes. They are M1 classes.. The disability worker does make it clear though that if they had known the severity of my daughters seizures then they would not have accepted her.

Violation of the disability act.

The disability act is federal. Acts being passed by congress makes it federal.

She is currently attempting to withdraw medically so that as pit was put to her, she could not run the risk of being “kicked out” on misconduct. Poor wording on their part. However, true to form, this institution which strongly suggested this is making this difficult as well.

So you will know, I feel this institution believes they have a young person that they can push. I however taught school for over 22 years in Alabama and some of that tenure I taught law. I now have a team of attorneys on stand by as we’ll as my Federal contacts and those in the accreditation department.

I’ve written this as to not redeem my child, but let others know what this institution is like.

Okay, so the instructor has a group of eighteen students sit around this poor student, as she is seizing, and talk about how this made these students feel. Do I really need to tell you how incredibly fucked up this position is? The fact that these students could sit around a student and not phone the emergency services and try to get her the help she needs, instead focusing on your own spiritual path. Let me make it perfectly clear, this woman’s story is credible because of the fact that when I was at Naropa, people there did similar things which tends to give me pause. As for the comment that the instructor was “at peace” with her having seizures, it boggles the mind that this instructor would not be terminated immediately. In the real world, this instructor would have been off the campus ASAP. In the “school” that Trungpa built, however, they practice detachment from the real world at the cost of real human beings.

Naropa is not a disability-friendly school. All three of it’s campuses and it’s student housing apartments present accessibility challenges, but none more so than the Arapahoe campus. Only two of the buildings on the campus are really wheel-chair accessible, the Lincoln Building has no elevator and it’s classrooms are blocked by stairs, including some very steep stairs in some instances that block access to the Lincoln Lecture Hall. I have constantly wondered how Naropa can legally get away with snubbing the disabled. But to threaten to kick her out on misconduct because she is disabled and refusing to accommodate her needs is illegal. To tell her that if they knew about her disability, they would not have accepted her as a student is illegal.

When I talk about the abuses of Naropa University, usually I talk about the lack of ethics it takes to advertise an anatomy class as being scientific when it has alternative medicine woo attached to it. But abuses like this add a darker dimension to the cult-like nature of Naropa University, where empathy and doing the right thing are an after-though, if they are thought about at all. When someone is having a seizure, I don’t gather the other people around me to talk about how it made me feel while the person seizing is still in need of help. I call a fucking ambulance and that is what the people here should have done. My only question that I would have for these students is… why didn’t you call for help?

I hope Michelle continues to pursue legal action against Naropa University and I am more than happy to continue providing coverage on this story as it develops. Naropa University should be held accountable for it’s fraud and abuses.