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Research for the Book: When Information is Scattered

Anyone who knows me knows that I am writing a book about Naropa University and the fraud that it perpetuates. It will have all of the content that this website will have once it’s pages are finished, along with exclusive content that will help to provide perspective about Naropa University. The title is currently in the works but the fact of the matter is that Naropa University is a very difficult topic to research when it comes down to it. There are several reasons that contribute to the reason why Naropa University is an extremely difficult topic to research and here are a few of them:

  1. Chogyam Trungpa is Dead – The thing is that since Trungpa is dead, he isn’t doing any more shifty activities anymore. The shifty activities that go on in the Shambhala community are simply holdovers from the way Trungpa did business. The Shambhala trainings which should be free are still charged at an astronomical rate and Trungpa’s son, the Sakyong, changed the name of the organization to Shambhala so that it can be more immune to legal vulnerabilities due to the actions of Trungpa and Osel Tendzin.
  2. Unwillingness of People to Testify – Keep in mind that many people that have been wronged by Trungpa are somehow unwilling to share their stories about Naropa University. Many of these stories are passed around by oral transmission to many people and somehow, these stories make it to news outlets in some distorted manner.
  3. Inability to Find People to Testify – Those that have been willing to testify throughout history are scattered around and since they do not maintain a digital presence, it is very difficult to find them. Also, some of the people hurt by Naropa and the related entities are scattered across the world. Hell, last I checked, W.S. Merwin is in Hawaii and an aikido teacher that Naropa screwed over teaches in Japan.
  4. Extreme Obscurity of Topic – Naropa University, Vajradhatu/Shambhala Buddhism, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and all of the fraud perpetuated by these entities are extremely difficult topics to research. Needless to say, much of the original materials are in private collections or scattered across the country.
  5. Sources Out of Print – Tom Clark, one of the writers that exposed a lot of the fraud concerning Naropa University, is unwilling to allow anyone to republish his works or even to sell or license the rights to do so. It means that when my book about Naropa University goes out of print, I will need to apply a copy-left license to the book so that the research and content in the book can be used by others. I want to make sure that when someone reads my book, they can still make derivative works and republish it when it goes out of print.

Either way, I intend to do some serious research trips to archive some of the original materials digitally. I would also like to make the research materials available but the fact of the matter is that there are rights issues that I might run up against when providing this content online. I think that people should really should read these sources and I do intend to provide as many sources of content from Naropa University’s history of fraud and abuse as humanly possible. If anyone has any ideas on how I can facilitate this, please let me know: keep in mind that this website is subject to the laws of the State of Colorado and Counties of Denver and Boulder.


One thought on “Research for the Book: When Information is Scattered

  1. Keep digging. People are scared to report things. A few years ago my GF was was meditating at Boulder’s Shambhala center and suddenly from behind was fondled. She complained right away and it went nowhere. Maybe adverts asking for stories in local press and craigslist etc as many exist. Also, Trungpa’s sex abuse was not limited to that famous story. Anyone who grew up in Boulder back then recall going to the house for cocaine & sex, it was said the lights were never turned off.

    Also, a guru who was inspired by Trungpa’s sex abuse back then is still in operation, have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWhIivvmMnk

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