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Naropa University and Fear of Free Speech

Naropa's Arapahoe Campus from Bus Stop, Focusing Towards Admin Building

Naropa's Arapahoe Campus from Bus Stop, Focusing Towards Admin Building

Naropa University of Boulder, Colorado is insanely afraid of free speech concerning it’s program. If you have something to say about Naropa University and it is less than positive, Naropa University will come after you with attorneys. A few months after starting my old website, the Naropa Biz, I was contacted by Jackson-Kelly, a law firm that represents Naropa University. Despite the fact that I believed that what I was doing was right, I was in need of money and Naropa University still had not paid me my confirmation deposit. So, I entered into an agreement with Naropa to receive my $250 confirmation deposit back and in exchange, I surrendered all of the content and domain names of The Naropa Biz. The thing of it is, is that I am only contractually obligated not to use Naropa University’s Intellectual Property, which is just fine by me. There is plenty of information on . .

But I get at least a few e-mails every month that tell me that they cannot find any other accurate information that shows the dark side of Naropa University. Considering the fact that I have experienced the legal harassment from Naropa University, I can understand why people are reticent to post their experiences on the Internet. I am a critic of Naropa University and I am hoping to publicize personal stories of Naropa University students, alumni and faculty. Anyone who wants to speak out can have their personal story posted on this website, free of charge. I am more than willing to post personal stories submitted to me via the contact form and if you would like, I am willing to interview you and take your personal story so others can hear it. I am even willing to help you create your own website or blog so you can post about your Naropa experiences, whether or not they are positive. I would rather have much more people talking, whether it is good or bad, than have a real dearth of information.

The thing is that Naropa University is afraid of people speaking out and letting people know what they can expect at Naropa University. They discourage people to talk about Naropa online, which is why I happen to have taken the most photos of Naropa’s campus and student life events during my time at Naropa. I believe that the more expression concerning Naropa, the more likely it will be for students at Naropa to share their honest experiences.


16 thoughts on “Naropa University and Fear of Free Speech

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  2. Hello there! 🙂 I’m a student that’s considering applying to Naropa and I’m slightly troubled. Do you mind my asking you a few questions?

    1. How did you find out about Naropa? What is it that pulled you to the school?
    2. Did you research the school thoroughly before you attended?
    3. What made you inially want to transfer out?
    4. Do you feel this school presented itself to be less as some call “woo woo” than they actually are?

    I honestly just want to understand where all this effort is really coming from because I have only heard wonderful things about this college and its atmosphere. I’m very into “alternative psychology colleges” and with that comes knowing that the eccentricities of such will hardly be tolerated in the mainstream before hand. A bit more effort than usual in certain areas. You seem like a really smart girl.. how did you miss the whole “check to make sure your credits will transfer out” thing that is posted on most college websites under transfer information? You really just seem a bit hurt here. Like a woman scorned. WHAT HAPPENED?

    • Well, maybe the reason why you have only heard wonderful things about the school is that they threaten and berate people who post opposing views on the Internet. The interesting thing is that you use this common trope (and I see this all the time from the kind of defenders that Naropa has) that I am angry and that this is somehow a bad thing. Why shouldn’t I be angry at the fraud and abuse that Naropa perpetuates against it’s students? Why is empathy such a bad thing to you people?

  3. Let me start off by saying Naropa isn’t right for everyone. In fact every college or university has its issues, but the truth is, this blog is completely against the teachings of Naropa and it saddens me that your heart is filled with so much hate. One of the very first things Naropa taught me (when I went to visit the school) is that you have to step back from emotion, meditate free your mind, then respond from your heart and mind as one. As I read your writing I am so concerned about you and your well being. You are dedicating so much time and energy towards this instead of freeing yourself and letting go. It’s hard to face who you really are, it’s actually terrifying and to do it everyday is even more scary. You have to be ready for Naropa it has to be in your path to go there. If you want a traditional education that makes you read a book and take a test with 400 other people in you classroom then Naropa is NOT for you. It’s not just about the education it’s about the personal growth, the act of pealing back the layers of yourself and getting to the core of who YOU are.

    On another note, you are writing this blog to encourage people to not go to Naropa, however I don’t quite understand why that is your choice? How can you determine what path is right for someone else, only that person can decide. If you are looking at this blog and thinking negative things about Naropa I hope you will reconsider and experience it from your own self (mind and heart). You’ll know at the end of the day if this is your path.

    Just because this path wasn’t right for you Jess does not mean it’s not right for someone else. You speak with so much hate and pain I wonder if Naropa made you face something you weren’t ready to face, your true self. Which is fine, that’s okay, not everyone is capable of breaking down and starting from the beginning. There is never a break through without a breakdown.

    I really hope you learn to live with unconditional love and not hate, I can’t imagine how much pain your soul is in. This world is beautiful in so many ways and I wish that you would experience them instead of focusing on something that is already in your past.

    I am sorry for how hurt you are and I feel what your words are saying. It’s so sad and depressing and I wish I could hug you in the tightest of ways. I hope that you wont continue to hurt other people like Naropa, the teachers or students just because you yourself are hurting inside. It takes a lot to realize what I just said but maybe one day you will. It’s a reflection of yourself you must look at not the actions of others that you cannot control. You are hurting people with this blog, is that what you want to do with your life? Hurt others? I know for a fact that that is not what naropa teaches, actually the school prides it’s self on being thoughtful and contemplative of yourself and others. Take a moment to realize this and listen to your heart and mind as one.

  4. Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is a thousand year old cult of thought control.

    Naropa is a large ‘recruiting vehicle’ to reach young people.

    Cults and the cult of Lamaism, posing as Buddhism is no different, cults always go after the young.

    30 years inside the Cult of Tibetan Lamaism, 18 of those years inside Shambhala now the Cult of the Goldman Sachs Lama, Trungpa’s son.

    Why there is no free speech:


  5. Recent Article about another Cult (they are all the same, with authoritarian , top down leadership, and ‘cult of personality leadership, that exploits their devotees for money, sex and free labor. Be interesting to see the connections with Boulder, all the New Age cults, are connected with each other now, Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ , ‘Shambhala’, Hindu Cults, Yogi Bhajan, TM, they have formed a New Age Spiritual Alliance. see ‘Dalai Lama Renaissance” film, trailer # 3 and you will see Jean Housten, Barbara Marx Hubbard, (she channels Christ) and the Dalai Lama all in a gaggle for the “Renaissance’ they al have planned for us with the help of the Plutocracy:

    Heres’ the Article, the victim was in the Dance Program at Naropa, what was the connection with this Charatan guru and Shambhala Incoporated, a.k.a. Naropa U ?, that should be researched, sometimes you hit they mark by shooting to the side of it because of the weather, and the load of windy bullshit that will obstruct the arrow.



  6. here’s a start:

    Coming up soon: an exciting series of Butoh Workshops led by Master Teacher Katsura Kan at Naropa University in Boulder, CO this October.
    Register soon to reserve a place!
    Here’s a youtube link to watch some footage of Katsura Kan’ssolo work and also his group work with students and faculty from Naropa’s MFA Theater program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7orrnH-18BE
    Lecture Demonstration with Katsura Kan: The Origins and Techniques of Butoh
    Offered by Naropa’s Extended Studies in collaboration with the Departments of Performing Arts and Somatic Counseling Psychology
    Friday, Oct. 3,7:00-9:00pm
    Performing Arts Center, Naropa University
    $15 general admission; $10 for seniors and students (Free admission is included in registration for either of the weekend workshops.)

    Space Exploration Workshop
    Led by Butoh Artist Katsura Kan
    Offered by Naropa’s Extended Studies in collaboration with the Departments of Performing Arts and Somatic Counseling Psychology
    Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 4-5, 10:00am-5:00pm both days
    Performing Arts Center, Naropa University
    Quality and Atmosphere is the theme of this workshop. Focusing on space created by the body, and movement, participants will examine the presentation of space atypical to western dance.

  7. All this groups now, and their cult streams have joined forces now and are are corporate funded by the wealthy elite to be the New Age Eastern Based ‘dumb us all down into HinduLama memes to create through out the world the same passivity as these Corporations found in India and So East Asia, who could live in a caste system contentedly, and work hard for peanuts. This is the left side of the equation, the right side is the equally made up “Course in Miracles’ to gather in the Christians, the Course In Miracles is based on Hindu/Lama roots, ‘divine within’ , ‘we are all one’ , Both the New Age Christians and the Theosophy based New Age Occut have joined forces, they literally made a pact in 1987 in Boulder CO at Golden Ranch, ( after Trungpa died because he was an obstacle to New Age) to ‘do the one good work together’ it is documented in an email sent by Barbara Marx Hubbard (who is in the Dalai Renaissance movie Trailer # 3) along with Deepak Chopra, Jean Housten. Even the author of the ‘Secret is there”.


    all these ‘peace love and dont say anything negative or even think anything negative again’ group conformity ,that you experienced at Naropa, is the rule, the hope is, it will become the rule for the rest of us in the world.


  8. Here’s the Trailer that shows them in their Spiritual Alliance with Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, all the Lama sects have joined under the Dalai Lama: This is why you almost went crazy at Naropa, Naropa is a major part of this movement:

  9. Naropa is a complicated place, and unlike anything else in the world. I am so thankful I was able to be part of it says:

    I don’t mean to downplay the pain that you may have felt, and I’m sure that there has been some serious disappointments, but you completely missed what Naropa had to offer because of your aggression–I watched. You felt unaccepted because you were laying in wait to attack with even simple conversation. I don’t mean to be rude, but this aggression to Naropa is totally projected general anger.

    Naropa is filled with rich brats and some of the most ignorant students I have ever known, but within lies the most beautiful soul shaking experiences and some of the kindness, most sincere and caring people I have ever met. It is a safe space in a world of chaos for most people that go to it. All Naropa requires is an open mind and heart and access to fat student loans.

    Jessica Sideways I wish you all the best in the world, and I hope that your anger for this school dissipates eventually. ❤

      • Naropa is a complicated place, and unlike anything else in the world. I am so thankful I was able to be part of it says:

        ahha Fair enough I should have thought of a different way to say that, there is no good way to BUT a situation like that. What I want to communicate is that I disagree with the situation but I intend to do it in a kind approachable way. I think you’re a smart and clearly capable woman, your anger towards Naropa just confuses me.

      • Okay, well, that’s very telling because my anger towards Naropa is borne out of empathy towards the people abused at Naropa. It’s the same anger that people have towards child molesters or Nigerian e-mail scammers.

        Are you telling me you can’t relate because you’ve written off your sense of empathy?

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